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Friday, April 01, 2005

Work Sucks, I Know

I'm really taking an interest in this Cluetrain Manifesto. I didn't think I would, but it knows society. The authors knows how we tick. To me, it is as if they are the voice of every Web rat and Internet obsessive that is out there. You know who I'm talking about- those who spend their entire existence on the Web, chatting, IM'ing, e-mailing, blogging! The list really does go on. As I'm writing this post, I feel I fit in with what Mr. Weinberger has to say in Chapter Two.

I am writing this having just come home from my job. I work at a supermarket, in the bakery, where I just put in six hours of having to deal with people and to provide them with every ounce of attention I have to give them and only them. I don't even take a break- I punch for it and I work through it. It's that rough sometimes. Mr. Weinberger's section called "How to Hate Your Job" was this bell ringing insanely from my computer speakers. At my job, I am managed- I have a uniform, a nametag, a demeanor I must express called "treat your customer like your neighbor", and knowing that actions do speak louder than words. If you ignore a customer, it is so much more worse than not saying "Have a nice day", which I never say. And as for "professionalism", I'm the poster child of what it isn't, having once uttered the s-word accidentally in front of a nun and also just coming off as plain snooty. I just want people to know that I don't come into your job to harass you, so DON'T do it to me.

This is where Mr. Weinberger spoke to me. After a hard day of being closed inside a tight space, I am home right now, online, writing for my pretty blog. I am checking my e-mail and talking to my friends. I have my screen name, my own personal alias to which I am free of any boundaries. I can speak my mind, the true voice of Jill is out in the open. I couldn't wait to go online because I could be me. Mr. Weinberger also spoke of how we use home pages to get our identities on the Web and to provide an even greater sense of freedom. A prime example is my own personal homepage Life is a cabaret where if you want to know me, take an eternity out of your life and read my page. And, for those who are seriously WAY TOO INTO THEMSELVES, check out the man who represents that feeling the most, Bill O'Reilly. His website BillOReilly.com is proof that freedom of expression on the Web is alive and kickin'. We don't care how bad the page is, as long as that independent feeling is indeed felt, that's all that matters. He is right- if the Web can rid us of being sheltered, then we are not chained down. And if the Web shall falter, we will look somewhere else to fill the void.

As always, my clever classmates are vocal on the Cluetrain Manifesto. Alexis's post "The Longing" Disagreement is a good read because she expressed a different view on Mr. Weinberger. She talks about how he didn't bring up the topic of in a managed world, is the Web indeed managed or are we to assume it's not? A second opinion to read is Jeni's post Us and Them because she summed up the point of Mr. Weinberger's words by stating the Web is readily there for us to explore, we can't just pass it by. A totally true statement.


  • At 9:57 PM, Blogger ascofield said…

    Work certainly does suck, though you lost me at "O'Reilly"...I hate that douche. If we could talk about work sucking again for a sec, here's my website devoted to the idea: Work Sucks Website

  • At 10:34 PM, Blogger meg said…


    i typed in my name with work sucks and this came up, Ironic because I fucking hate desk jobs
    work fucking sucks


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